‘Santa’ Pleads Guilty to Traffic Violations- 1776 Restoration Movement Leader David Lynn Riddell

July 10th, 2022– Court records show that David Riddell, bka Santa, has plead guilty to the traffic situations he received as a result of his July 4th protest. During which he lead a protest that blocked 3 highways simultaneously for approximately 30 minutes, as part of the 1776 Restoration Movement.

He received 3 traffic Violations and 3 criminal complaints as part of the action and was arrested on Wednesday 6th. And was released on the 7th.

Riddell was originally set to turn himself in Monday, July 10th in Maryland. But he may have prepaid those fines as well, atleast if the option was available.

While it is not known what the fate of his 3 criminal complaints will be. What is clear is that he plead guilty on the traffic violations on July 8th. Paying the fines to end the complaint.

Meanimwhile, Dennis Yarbery aka Big D still sits in jail days after his arrest.