Proposed Legislation Would Require Exempting “Essential Workers” From the Federal Covid Vaccine Mandate

WASHINGTON, D.C.- October 26th, 2021– A proposed bill would require that companies provide exemptions for essential workers who do not want to receive a Covid vaccination under the current federal mandate.

The bill, entitled Keeping Our COVID-19 Heroes Employed Act. Would require employers to provide a Covid vaccine exemption for employe of “essential workers”. The bill would apply to federal workers, private or public federal contractors, any private or public entity receiving federal funds.

In a press release Senator Blackburn stated:

“For over 18 months, essential workers showed up to serve and protect their communities. Businesses across the country are desperate for workers and we are in the midst of a supply chain crisis. There are more than 10.4 million open jobs across the country, and now President Biden wants to fire even more workers. Getting vaccinated is a choice that should be made between a patient and their doctor. No one should be forced by Joe Biden to be fired or get jabbed.”

The bill was proposed by U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, and has several co-sponsors.

In related news NYC’s biggest police union sues the city over vaccine mandate for city employees.