Occupy Peace Rally in Kingston, NY- Calls To Restore American Freedom

KINGSTON, NY- MAY 28th 2021- The Occupy Peace Rally hosted by Trends Journal will be held at The Crown Garden, 42 Crown Street in Kingston, NY, beginning at 3pm.

Gerald Celente will be the keynote speaker of the 4th annual Occupy Peace Rally.

The 8 missions of the Occupy Peace & Freedom not for profit rally are to:

  1. Restore freedom,
  2. End foreign entanglements,
  3. Bring home the Troops,
  4. Rebuild America,
  5. Address the Power to Declare War,
  6. Let the People Decide,
  7. Unite for Peace,
  8. and Occupy Freedom.

For more information visit www.occupypeace.com or call 845-331-3500