NY Bill A416 Relating to Quarantining “carriers of communicable diseases”, Is from 2015, and Not Up for Vote

CORRECTION- This article has been rewritten to reflect the proper context of the Bill.

ALBANY, NY- December 19th, 2021-– Over the past decade, a bill by Assemblyman Nick Perry calling for the “removal and detention” of “carriers who may be a danger to public health” has appeared to be in committee four times. Assembly Bill A416 has picked up a lot of attention as NYC continues to enforce stricter and stricter vaccine mandates.

Surprisingly, not only is the Bill nothing new for 2021, but it has was proposed by Perry on April 8th, 2015, in response to Ebola. The Bill has never left the assembly committee, and the text has had no changes over the years.

Entitled “Relates to the removal of cases, contacts, and carriers of communicable diseases which are potentially dangerous to the public health.” The Bill was drafted to allow the state to detain individuals who may be carriers of diseases or “be a danger to public health.”

After speaking with Perry’s office, it has been determined the Bill is not actively being pursued. It has been stalled in the house session after session. The Bill was initially proposed in response to people knowingly traveling with Ebola. But because Ebola was resolved so quickly. The Bill was never moved forward or voted down, so it sits in a limbo of sorts.

While the language of the Bill is clearly concerning, fortunately, it is not being pursued.

Earlier versions of the Bill: