North Carolina Senator Says Vaccine Passports are Reminiscent of Nazi Germany {In Podcast Interview}

NORTH CAROLINA- SEPTEMBER 1st, 2021– In a podcast interview, Senator Steinburg of the 1st district in NC compared restricting freedom based on vaccinations to Nazi Germany.

The conversation revolved around how representatives can serve the public better. Senator Steinburg openly discussed how he works hard to answer the public’s concerns. When he was asked about the biggest current concerns held by his constituents. He mentioned the biggest issue was the reopening of public schools.

Eventually the conversation touched upon vaccine passports. Which Senator Steinburg openly rejected. Stating that any law such as that should come down to personal choices.

At which point the Senator had this to say about vaccine mandates:

“You know, this kind of action on the part of the government. In terms of restricting certain people from their freedoms. Is almost reminiscent in a very broad way of Nazi Germany.”

-Senator Bob Steinburg

This conversation arouse amidst vaccine passports passing in several areas. Including those in NYC and San Fransisco.