New York Declares {First Ever} State of Emergency Over Gun Violence

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 2ND, 2021– Before leaving office. Governor Cuomo signed an executive order which declaring the first ever State of Emergency over gun violence.

The order, signed on July 6th, 2021 achieved 3 results.

1. The Creation of the Office of Gun Violence and A New Governors Council

To combat gun violence, the order established two offices.

The Office of Gun Violence. And The Governor’s Council on Gun Violence Reduction.

2. Temporary Suspension of Several Statutes, Rules, Etc.

Furthermore, the order temporarily suspended several statutes, from July 6th, to August 5th.

The order specifically mentioned some laws and regulations. But, the order broadly suspended the implementation of any rule, order etc. that may interfere with the goals of the order.

The specific statutes suspended were sections 112, 136-a, 139-d, 139-i, 139-j, 139-k, 163, 163-a of the State Finance Law. As well as any other provision of NYS statute, local law, ordinance, order, rule or regulation, so far as they may apply to:

“contracts, leases, licenses, permits or any other written agreements that may be entered into for purposes of mitigating such disaster emergency”.

3. Weekly Collection of Data From Police Departments in G.I.V.E. Jurisdictions

Finally, the order amended part of Section 837 of the Executive Law. A law which related to filing general annual reports to the governors office.

Now, the law will require weekly reports from “primary precincts” in Gun Involved Violence Elimination (G.I.V.E.) jurisdictions

The data to be collected includes:

  • Shooting incidents,
  • Shooting victims,
  • And individuals killed by gun violence.

Additionally, dates, times, and locations will also be reported. Along with the race, sex, and age of victims and perpetrators.

Affected police precincts will be polled weekly, by the Division of Criminal Justice Services

The full text of the order is available on pages 91 and 92 of the NYS Register for August 4th, 2021.

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