John Dobbins ‘XRAY’ is Arrested After What Appeared to Be Assault on Counter-Protestor

July 7th, 2022- WASHINGTON, DC— John Dobbins (BKA as XRAY), a former member of the Peoples Convoy was arrested after hitting a microphone held in the hands of a counter-protestor.

While participating in a protest orchestrated by the 1776 Restoration Movement in Washington, DC, Dobbins began to dance to a counter-protestors chant. Starting at about 15 feet away, Dobbins danced closer and closer to the counter-protestor.When he got only a few feet from the woman who had been mostly walking away from Dobbins he got about 1 foot from her. Remaining there for about 30 seconds before smacking the microphone in the woman’s hand.

Claiming she assaulted him by pushing the megaphone into his mouth, Dobbins approached police to make a complaint. After reviewing the footage however, it appeared Dobbin’s struck the woman’s microphone without cause.

Shortly after, Dobbin’s himself was taken into police custody. Only hours after Dennis Yarbery was arrested for disorderly conduct, and David Riddell was released from jail.