Hawaii’s Governor Ige is Being Sued Over Covid-19 Quarantine Mandates

HAWAI’I- December 21st, 2021— A group of Plaintiffs including For Our Rights have sued Hawi’i’s Governor Ige. Over his response to Covid-19. The 7-count complaint alleges that the “mandates are ineffectual” and violated the Plaintiff’s rights.

Plaintiffs are seeking a declaratory judgement ceasing the emergency, along with damages for the violations of their rights caused.

Under the states Covid mandates, several of the Plaintiffs were forced to sign quarantine orders upon entering the state, which required them to be quarantined at home for 10-days. Those who signed the order would be subject to arrest for leaving their home within the quarantine period. Alternatively, those who didn’t sign were refused entry into Hawai’i.

Individuals were forced into signing these quarantine orders even if they were not sick, and without medical examination.

One Plaintiff Levana Lomma, was arrested for “leaving her home” after travailing WITHIN the state. Even though she had never even signed a quarantine order, and despite her having no symptoms of illness.

The suit was filled on December 12th, 2021 and has over 100 Plaintiffs known and unknown.