Rittenhouse Trial Summary: Week Two (Kyle Rittenhouse Testifies and Evidence is Closed)

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November 8th began the second week of the Rittenhouse trial.

During the first week of the Rittenhouse trial, the Jury was selected, and the Prosecution began to make its case.

The second week of the Rittenhouse trial began with the end of the Prosecution’s witnesses on Monday.

And the Defense’s arguments began on Tuesday.

So what did the second week of trials unveil?

Let’s take a Look.

Monday November 8th, 2021: Final Day of Prosecutions Arguments

On Monday, the last of the witnesses for the Prosecution testified, ending with the testimony of Detective Antaramian.

Gaige Grosskreutz: 3rd Person Shot

Grosskreutz was the 3rd person shot by Rittenhouse on the day of the shooting. He testified to the day’s events and said he initially began to run to Defendant because he thought he needed medical aid. However, when he saw Rittenhouse shoot Grosskreutz, he drew his gun.

He initially said he was shot while his arms were in the air. But eventually admitted that he pointed his gun at Rittenhouse before he was shot during cross-examination.

“It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him with your gun, now your hands down, pointed at him that he fired, right?” –Corey Chirafisi, Rittenhouse’s Defense asked of Grosskreutz.

“Correct”- Replied Grosskreutz.

Heather Williams: Firearms Expert

Williams testified to the evidence. Stating that the cartridges were proven to be fired by Rittenhoouse’s gun.

Jason Krueger: Police Officer

Rittenhouse approached officer Krueger immediately after the shooting. When Rittenhouse attempted to turn himself in, he told Rittenhouse to get back, or he would be pepper-sprayed.

Kristan Harris: Journalist for The Rundown Live

Harris was shooting footage on the day of the shooting. He testified to some questions about the footage he shot so that it could be admitted as evidence.

Ben Antaramian: Detective

A detective on the case testified to some of the facts.

Tuesday November 9th, 2021: Defense Begins Their Arguments

Detective Antaramian was one of the detectives working on the case.

Dr. Doug Kelly: Forensic Pathologist

Dr. Kelly was the forensic pathologist who helped piece together the anatomical positions of Rausenbaum as the events unfolded. In his opinion, he said that Rausenbaum’s hand might have been on or near the muzzle of the gun when it was fired.

Defense attorney Richards and Detective Antaramian pose for the jurors using the AR-15 in an attempt to show the Jury what may have happened during the first shooting. With Dr. Kelly attesting to the evidence.

Nathan DeBruin- Photographer

Nathan DeBruin, a Kenosha resident, was taking pictures throughout the civil unrest. He submitted some photos into evidence and attested to what they contained. DeBruin stated that the Prosecutor asked him to change a statement to include the name of another individual that he was pressing charges on. This upset the Prosecutors who attempted to smear the witness as biased towards the Defense.

Lucas Zanin- Witness

Zanin was in Kenosha with his step-daughter, who was filming the civil unrest in Kenosha. And were nearby when the shooting started.

Wednesday November 10th, 2021: Rittenhouse Testifies

Jacob Marshall: Roommate of Grosskreutz

The roommate of Grosskreutz took to the stand to attest to a post made online where he said that Grosskreutz said I “I should have killed him right then and there.” Marshall says that the post was a lie, and he should not have posted it.

Anmol Khindri: Car Source Owner

Khindri came back to the stand to clarify his earlier statements about the amount of loss his business suffered. He stated he still didn’t know the amount of loss from his company. He eventually said $400k.

But then was shown the interview shot by CJTV that he had submitted to the Defense. The footage showed Khindri answering the questions he claimed not to have the answers to.

Kyle Rittenhouse: Defendant

Kyle Rittenhouse testifies. Rittenhouse lays out the events of the night, making it clear that his actions were in self-defense.

The Prosecution, upon cross-examination, was scolded for commenting on the Defendants’ silence, which is a violation of his 5th amendment rights. It is unlawful for a District Attorney to comment on a Defenses silence, which the Prosecutor did several times.

Then the Prosecution attempted to paint a picture that Rittenhouse was willing to kill to defend property, which he was told by a court order not to. When the Jury left the room, Defense attorney Richards said that as an experienced attorney, Prosecutor Binger attempted to cause a mistrial intentionally. So Richards motioned that the judge “strongly admonish” Mr. Binger and dismiss the charges with prejudice if he does it again. At which point, the Judge scolded him harshly.

Binger continued his cross-examination for several hours. The Defense rested their questioning of Rittenhouse after that.

Thursday, November 11th 2021: John Black Expert Testimony

John Black: Use of Force Expert

Using force expert, Doctor John Black took the stand to dissect the entire scene that night with video footage compiled of the evening in question. After a long debate between the DA and Defense about whether the expert could view the footage. Finally, after overruling the DA’s objection, the testimony began. On the stand, the expert broke down the entire timeline of events. And broke down what events of force happened in what order.

Frank Andrew Hernandez- From Real America’s Voice

Hernandez has submitted video evidence he shot from 2 cameras; one body camera and a cell phone. During cross-examination, DA Binger began to probe Hernandez about hiring legal counsel to submit the video to the Court. Primarily because a prior witness in the Defense was from the same law firm that represents Hernandez. After an objection, the Judge eventually decided to allow the question, but with a closely guarded “door.”

John Black: Use of Force Expert

Dr. Black is called back to the stand for cross-examination.

James Armstrong: State Crime Lab

The last witness to testify was James Armstrong, who attested to the evidence he edited. The footage in question was drone footage that was zoomed in and enhanced. The Defense did what they could to block it due to “manipulation,” but the Judge eventually decided the evidence was admissible. The DA claimed this footage showed that Rittenhouse pointed his AR at someone before being chased by Rosenbaum.

The Evidence Procedure is Closed.

Friday , November 11th 2021: Jury Instructions Prepared

The Court convened on Friday to discuss the law of the case for Jury instructions.

Rittenhouse Trial Week 2 Summary

The second week of the Rittenhouse Trial saw the ending of Testimony and Evidence in the Trial. And the law of the case was discussed on Friday in preparation for the final arguments on Monday.

Next week, the jury will determine whether they will find Rittenhouse guilty on all or some of the charges or to acquit him of all the charges he faces.

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