A DUI Through the Eyes of the Law

If you have been on planet Earth for long enough, you have likely heard of a driving under the influence (DUI ) charge before. But have you ever really seen a DUI through the eyes of the law? This infographic does a great job of what you may want to do if you get a DUI.

Why do people get pulled over for DUI’s?

Police pull people over for many reasons. Police officers write DUI charges for a variety of reasons. Often an accident or other importer driving indicates to a police officer that a driver may be intoxicated.Signs of impaired driving include swerving, driving the wrong way, or a driver passed out in a car.

What is considered a DUI?

While a DUI may very by state, there are 2 major factors that normally come into play. One an individual is behind the wheel of a vehicle, and 2 their blood alcohol level was greater than .08.

Can I be charged with worse things than a DUI?

If people or property are injured as a result of a driver driving under the influence, more charges may be added. Including reckless driving, or even manslaughter.

What are the standards of a sobriety test?

A sobriety test can be conducted in a few ways. These methods include blood, urine and breath tests. A breathalyzer works by measuring the amount of alcohol in your lungs. 2,000ml of air, equals 1 ml of blood.

What do officers test for in a field sobriety test?

The standard indicators of a DUI an officer looks for at a field sobriety test include the inability to balance, starting the test early, incorrect turning, inability to follow directions and using arms to regain balance.

As you can see from this infographic, DUI’s are serious charges. Fortunately, there are ways to defend yourself against DUI charges in court. From hiring an attorney, to following the best practices at a traffic stop, you may be able to fit DUI charges. However your best bet is to let someone else drive. The sources of this infographic include the Drunk Driving Defense Pro, and DUI Help.