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Dennis Yarbery “Big D” Has an active Bench Warrant Out of Oklahoma

Active warrant for Yarbery

July 7th, 2022- PONTOTOC COUNTY< OKLAHOMA– Dennis Yarberry, who was arrested for charges related to blocking a highway during a July 4th protest, has an active warrant out of Oklahoma for failing to pay taxes related to a dismissed truancy charge. His warrant is simply for failing to pay.

Dennis Yarberry, better known as Big D is a part of the 1776 Restoration Movement. Which came out of the now defunct Peoples Convoy. The movement has faced a waterfall of arrests following the arrest of the leader known as “Santa”, whow has since been freed.

The warrant was issued on February 2nd, 2022. While Yarbery is currently in police custody in Maryland, it is unknown whether or not he will be extradited.

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