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Dennis “Big D” Yarbery is Arrested Only Hours After David “Santa” Riddell is Released from Jail – 1776 Restoration Movement

Dennis Yarberry's firetruck

July 7th, 2022- Bunker Hill, WV– Only hours after David Riddell (BKA Santa) is freed from jail in DC, Dennis Yarbery (BKA Big D) is arrested at the 1776 camp in Bunker Hill, West Virginia. On July 6th, Yarbery had what appeared to be yet unfilled charges related to a July 4th protest in which the 1776 Restoration Movement blocked 3 interstates for approximately 30 minutes. Additionally, Yarbery has a warrant out of Oklahoma.

According to the records clerk Yarberry was arrested on 2 charges:

  1. Disturbing the Peace Hindering Passage
  2. Disorderly Conduct

Yarberry is a former member of The People’s Convoy, and is well known for his bright yellow firetruck. His charges related to his arrest are yet unknown.

The event happened only hours after David Riddell was freed from jail on 6 counts related to the July 4th protest.

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