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Activist Protesting Alleged Pedophile Preacher in Virginia Beach is Arrested and Charged with Stalking

April 16, 2023 — Virginia Beach Virginia– Jamie Thomas, an activist was arrested while protesting outside of the Rock Church in Virginia Beach, VA. Thomas is an activist with a YouTube channel @BuffaloMan.

Thomas, aka Buffalo Man has been protesting a pastor of the Rock Church, John Blanchard who is currently facing allegations of sexually abusing a child. For the past few months, Buffalo Man has stood outside the Rock Church on Sundays to protest the pastors continued presence at the Church.

Image of Complaint from @BuffaloMan

Things didn’t go as usual however. Rather than his usual shouting at cars, or even the counter protesters that would often come to protest alongside and against him. This time Thomas was placed in cuffs and dragged off of the sidewalk and ultimately charged with stalking and disclosing expunged police records.

Blanchard was one of the individuals arrested during an undercover police sting where he allegedly agreed to met an individual that purported to be 17-year-old prostitute.

Thomas stated on his YouTube channel “We will be back next week to let everyone know who you are, John Blanchard.”

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