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Counter Protests Grow at the J6 Vigil on ‘Freedom Corner’ In DC Continues

‘Freedom Corner’, Washington, DC — March 25th, 2023 — As temperatures raise into the spring, activists appear to be more willing to take to the streets. One of the signs of this sudden rise in activism is the quickly growing J6 protests on Freedom Corner. And much of that is to do with the counter protesters that want them gone.

January 6 Prayer Vigil and Their Counter Protestors

This is crazy but for the last 7 months protestors have gathered on “Freedom Corner” in front of the Central Detention Facility is Washington, DC. In support of several J6 defendants who still await trial to this day.

Yes, Freedom Corner, DC rests catty-cornered to the CDF.

Which to me screams set up. It’s as if the FBI and Secret Service were in a boardroom meeting one day. And the came to the conclusion that it would be so much easier to arrest people if they were already in front of the jail.

But I digress.

Where are DC Prisoners Held J6 Prayer Vigil
Where are DC prisoners held?

The J6 Prayer Vigil has taken place every night for the last 7 months, ever since the 1776 Restoration Movement abandoned their DC occupation. Each night supporters of J6 prisoners gather on Freedom Corner in DC and say prayers. Speak with J6 prisoners on the phone. And even meet with congressional representatives like Marjorie Taylor Green who had just completed a tour of the DC Detention Facility.

But their long term occupation has begun to upset counter activists online and off.

The mission of the counter protestors is to remove the J6 prisoner supporters from the corner.

Here’s the deal, as of the Friday the 17th of March when the online activists sought to remove the J6 Supporters from Freedom Corner. There were at most 10 protestors standing on the corner at the busiest times of the day.

However, one week after a coordinated effort by counter-activists online, not only are there twice as many protestors, the number of counter-protestors has grown too. Further, the mainstream media is a just now picking up on the story after months of essentially no media coverage other than streamers on YouTube. Two of which are very active protestors and have large followings on YouTube.

Petition against J6 Vigil collects over 200 signatures in one week.

The 2 Streamers at the Center of the J6 Vigil Counter-Protest

Two streamers who go by the names Defender of Ants and Anarchy Princess on YouTube are perhaps the main driving force behind the counter-protest movement. The proverbial boots on the ground. Both were familiar faces during the final days of the 1776 Restoration Movement have returned in what they say is a counter-protest to have Freedom Corner evicted.

However, with their numbers of viewers and supporters collectively growing. It appears that the whole ‘counter-protest’, may be turning into a grift, or staged event As counter-protestors use their “adversarial positions” with the protestors to grow their number of supporters. It’s a scene that appears so well written, you have to start wondering what is organic and what is done simply to get more viewers. And how many agent provocateurs have been inserted into the movements to move the story to gain political power.

A freedom protest in front of the nations “central” federal detention center in DC. A protest that has lasted 7 months so far, you really have to wonder who is really genuine in the whole ordeal. And is this building to another set up to entrap people.

Several Recent YouTube Stunts at Freedom Corner in DC

There have been several recent YouTube videos that have caused controversy on Freedom Corner. Ironically, the source of the biggest of these stunts are the very counter-protesters that want to “evict” the J6 Vigil attendees.

For example, Scott Hochstetter who is Defender of Ants, has seen his audience size on YouTube has doubled. Going from an average of 200-300 active live viewers, to an average of 500-600 viewers.

This growth in viewers is largely due to several recent stunts Defender of Ants pulled. “stunts” including doxxing on a large scale, and repeatedly using his “freedom of speech” aggressively against J6 Vigil attendees. Many of whom he had also doxxed the names of.

On the stream that followed Hochstetter’s doxxing stunt, several of the vigil attendees aggressive fashion followed Scott back to his van. And did not leave until police intervened.

These stunts, and the apparent “newly kindled relationship” between Scott and the YouTuber known as Anarchy Princess have begun to cause people to show up in force on both sides. Afterall, they were just mortal enemies a couple days ago.

Freedom Corner Protests: Past, Present, Future

As you can see, the Freedom Corner in DC has quite an interesting history. And just when we thought it was dwindling down, in swept the perfect story to bring the people out into the streets. Wanting to protest in the street, rather than practice their right to be heard. With the long standing history with the movement, and the 1000s online that are already actively engaged.

It’s highly unlikely a situation like this won’t be used in the public spotlight as we see talk of presidential elections sparking up again. And with what we have learned about how infiltrated movements become with informants for law enforcement and agent provocateurs, it’s unlikely they won’t help in shaping whatever narrative is about to take place in Washington DC.

Who will control the narrative of the events unfolding at Freedom Corner?

The People?

Or Government Propagandists?

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