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Power for the People ! An Email FW: From Jurisdictionary

The following is an email copy from Jurisdicitonary, which inspired this article. I thought what he mentioned was important, so I wanted to pass it along!

Enjoy and feel free to share!


Dear Friends …

You don’t need to march in the streets to force government officials to do what’s right!

You have power to force judges to do that for you without hiring a lawyer!

Lawyers have hidden the keys of knowledge (keys to the courthouse) far too long. (Read Luke 11:52 to see what Jesus said about lawyers hiding knowledge in His day).

The professional bar has tricked you into believing you cannot win without a lawyer. I’ve been ripping the cover off that lie since 1997 when I started Jurisdictionary ® and showed thousands how to get justice in the courts without a lawyer by using simple tactics any average 8th grader can understand.

The courts belong to YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES … not to lawyers!



You have the internet.

You have Jurisdictionary ®.

You have

Before the internet and the website course I’ve been working on since 1997, it was unwise to go to court without a lawyer, because the knowledge needed was tied up in dusty old books that lawyers paid thousands for every year just to keep up with changes in the law. That is no longer the case. You have access to the law at your fingertips today … and it’s FREE!

You and everyone you know can complain to judges, be heard explaining how you’ve been wronged, and force those judges to enter orders requiring government officials (or anyone else, for that matter) to do what’s right and pay you for your troubles!

You can make hundreds of thousands, if not millions, fighting for justice in court!

Lawyers do it, why shouldn’t you and everyone else who’s been wronged at the hands of others?

Tell angry people there’s a peaceful and profitable way to get what they want.

Urge them to use the courts instead of taking to the streets.

Then, when out-of-control police officers, sheriffs, giant corporations, or anyone else injures you or those you love, SUE THEM FOR GIANT MONEY JUDGMENTS! You can do this without a lawyer.

When a few million of you start taking your grievances to court and winning 6 or 7 figure judgments against corrupt people in high places, THE ABUSE WILL STOP!

Grow this movement to promote peace by giving people the know-power to take their complaints to court and force bad people to PAY for their misdeeds.

You have a Constitutional Right to force judges to “redress your grievances” … without a lawyer!


It was paid for by far too much precious blood of others who fought and died so you could enjoy living under The Rule of Law, instead of being ruled by the edicts of corrupt tyrants.

Honor those who died for you.

Get out of the streets and into the courts!


I cannot grow this movement alone. But, with your help and the help of many others we will stop corruption in high places by putting peaceful legal power in the hands of the People where it belongs … where it should always have been!

Thank you.

… Dr. Frederick David Graves

… American Justice Foundation ®, Jurisdictionary ®, and

… 866-529-3279

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