Top 4 Criminal Defense Lawyers in Durham, North Carolina

Looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Durham City?

Facing legal trouble? Then you probably want a great criminal defense attorney!

From Raleigh, NC to the eastern shores of NC, strives to find you the best of the best when it comes to criminal defense attorneys.

Here you will find some of the most reliable and top rated lawyers in Durham, NC.

If you are need one of the best lawyers in Durham, you are in the right place.

Top Four Criminal Defense Lawyers in Durham!

The following lawyers have consistently demonstrated exceptional service to their clients in Durham NC and throughout Eastern North Carolina.

#1 Criminal Defense Lawyer in Durham, North Carolina

NameAddressPhone Number
Patrick Roberts203 W. Millbrook Road, Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27609
Local: 919-838-6643
Toll Freee: 866-630-2389

Patrick Robert, with Roberts Law Group PLLC, is an exceptionally rated lawyer serving Durham, NC. Roberts is a hard hitting criminal defense attorney with a strong track record of success. It is no wonder he is rated as a Super Lawyer. Robert’s has some of the strongest ratings among criminal defense attorneys in NC on Martin Dale too! In fact he was awarded the Client Champion awoard by Martin Dale in 2019 and with 23 reveiws and a solid 5 star rating it is no wonder.

#2 Criminal Defense Lawyer in Durham, NC

NameAddressPhone Number
Joseph E. Houchin507 N. Blount Street, Raleigh, NC 27604Phone Number-919-747-8380

Joseph E. Houchin at Dysart Willis Houchin & Hubbard, PLLC, offer both state and federal expertise. More importantly they offer around the clock 24/7 client support! Offering a range of criminal defense services throughout Durham, NC Joseph Houchin will have you covered.

#3 Top Rated Attorney in Durham, NC

NameAddressPhone Number
Matthew J. Golden127 W. Hargett St., Ste. 600
Raleigh, NC 27601
Toll Free: 888-743-7708
Local: 919-890-3795

Matthew J. Golden is a lawyer in serving Durham NC at Matthew J. Golden Attorney At Law. PLLC. Mathew J. Golden has a track record of his recent cases available to view on his website. You may also be pleased to know that he has a 10.0 rating with Avvo. If you are in Durham, NC when it comes to top-rated criminal defense attorneys near you Golden is a sure bet!

4th Criminal Defense Attorney in Durham, North Carolina

Leza Lee Driscoll5 West Hargett Street, Suite 1004, PO Box 18214
Raleigh, NC 27619

Leza Lee Driscoll at the Law Office of Liza Lee Driscoll is a criminal defense attorney, many in Durham, NC have turned to for legal help. Experience in both federal and state offenses, Leza Lee, and her team are sure to be there when you need help. Call now for consultation.

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About Durham, NC

Durham a city in North Carolina is the county seat for Durham County, located in the U.S. state of North Carolina. Several small parts of the city limits extend into Orange and Wake Counties. According to the 2014 The U.S. Census Bureau estimate made on July, 1st estimated the city’s population to be 251,893. This estimate would make the city the 5th-most populous city in North Carolin. Durham is also the 79th-most populous city in the US.

Located in the east-central part of the Piedmont region, of North Carolina in between the coast and the mountains along the Eno River. This city is the core of the larger Durham-Chapel Hill Metropolitan Area which is made up of 4 counties. The population of the metropolitan according to the 2014 US Census estimate was 542,710. According to the federal US Office of Management and Budget the city of Durham is also included in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Combined Statistical Area. A part of the famous Research Triangle of North Carolina, an area which has a population of 2,037,430.

In 1849, a railway depot was established on land which was given to the state by Bartlett S. Durham. And thus the name of Durham was born. After the American Civil War, the small yet bustling Durham community expanded rapidly. A large part of the growth was due to the tobacco industry. In April of 1869, the town of Durham, NC was incorporated and Durham County was established only 12 years later. It soon became the home headquarters of the American Tobacco Company. Other early industries of importance were the textile and electric power industries also played an important role. Even when these industries began to decline, Durham’s population continued to grow while it went under cultural changes. Durham has since become an educational, medical, and research centre.

Source: Wikipedia

Why Healing Law?

Healing Law is a go to source for finding lawyers in Durham, North Carolina with listings for lawyers in Durham, North Carolina and Virginia.  Lawyers and attorneys alike in the Outer Banks area, especially Durham can be found, and contacted through our growing legal network. For the best lawyers in DUI cases, Criminal Defense,  Durham, NC, legal advice, you can find some of them here. Simply put lawyers in Durham you can find them here. There are a lot of lawyers throughout the Eastern North Carolina and Durham area.

Finding a lawyer of attorney you can trust is another challenge entirely.  At Healing Law you can find contact info for lawyers you can look to. In a lot of areas people often say there are a lot of lawyers near me. So we strive to find the top ranking attorneys. Whether you are in Eno, Braggtown, Bethesada, Genlee, The Downs, Clegg, Joyland, Gorman, Dogwood Acres, or elsewhere in the Durham area, you know where to find the best of the best criminal defense attorneys in and around Durham.

Here you can find lawyers and attorneys for criminal defense cases, traffic tickets, and family law can be found here. Check out our list of lawyers and attorneys in your area. No doubt about it, there these are likley some of the best lawyers in Durham, North Carolina.

We don’t just list lawyers in Durham Either, you can also find lawyers and attorneys with law offices in Greenville, NC, and Norfolk, VA. Look here for more information on the best lawyers in Durham, NC. On this site you can find information for legal defense practices, and the best lawyers for them in your area.  We are also always sure to ad legal services that offer free consultations!

To put it simply here you can find some lawyers who offer free consultations for their legal services.  In my experience I would seek legal counsel with multiple legal professionals before hiring a legal professional. In Durham county there are a lot of attorneys and we write about them here.

Have information on your favorite lawyers in Durham, or are a lawyer yourself? We would love to hear from you, reach out to us, we may be able to help you. Whether you are looking for divorce attorneys or traffic ticket defense find them here.

Welcome to your go to source for the best lawyers in Durham, North Carolina.

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