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What Fireworks are legal in each state? Firework Laws (State By State)

So what fireworks are legal in each state? With so many varying firework laws in each state, it can be nearly impossible to keep up. But this infographic by ForRent.com breaks it down. Lets Take a Look!

What types of fireworks are there?

According to this infographic there are 4 types of fireworks which are novelty, ground, bombs and shells, and aerial.

Who decides what fireworks are permitted in each state?

Generally the states fire marshall will make the determination about which fireworks are allowed in a state.

Are there states where all fireworks are illegal?

Yes, in New Jersey and Massachusetts all fireworks are banned.

What States allow all types of fireworks?

The states that allow all types of fireworks include; North and South Dakota, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, Wyoming, and Arkansas.

What states allow most fireworks?

These state allow most fireworks with the exception of bombs and shells; South Carolina, Louisiana, and Alabama.

What are some interesting facts about fireworks?

For one in Florida, certain fireworks are only allowed if they are being used for best control. In Hawaii it is illegal to ignite fireworks within 1,100 feet of an animal hospital. Ohio makes those that purchase fireworks that they will remove them from the state after a period of time.

Laws and Regulation are Subject to Change

Much like the laws about distracted driving. Laws and regulations about fireworks are subject to change, so do not rely on this information. For the most part, if its sold in a retail store it is legal in your state.

Be sure to share this info with your friends and family so we can all have a safer July 4th or New Years Eve.

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