The Call to “Defund the Police!” Is Deceitful, But Why?

As calls for defunding the police circle the country, some cities appear to be doing just that!

In fact, 9 Minneapolis council members pledged to defund the police and create an alternativesystem of public safety“.

But the call to “defund the police” we hear in the streets is actually a dishonest slogan.

What is actually being pushed for is much different…

Below you will find perspectives from law enforcement and activists around the nation.

Together they paint a picture that is much different than most people think.

(Here is what you need to know! )

What do protestors mean by “defund the police”?

The 1,000’s of uninformed protestors out in the streets aren’t calling for the same thing that is actually being pushed forward.

Simply put, the protestors (many of them). ARE ACTUALLY calling to defund the police. But that is not really the point we should focus on…

What are activists actually pushing for?

On the other hand, the protest organizers and thought leaders are using the street-level momentum pushed by protestors to re-direct it into revolutionizing policing.

All the while they are attempting to keep the public in the dark about their true intentions!!!

For example, these activists make claims such as: “Defunding the police doesn’t mean getting rid of all police. That is a convenient objection for those in opposition.”

But statements like that simply overlook the fact that the phrase “defund the police” is not good branding.

In fact, the call to defund the police, isn’t just bad branding….


It’s true, defunding the police is NOT an accurate description of what the is really being pushed.

In fact, what defund the police really means is much different.

According to Reneé Rose of The Shaan Saar Foundation:

“Contrary to popular belief the idea of defunding the police isn’t about eliminating police departments. Rather, strategic relocation of funds, resources and responsibilities.”

“Future community safety and prevention models could redistribute resources to incorporate professionals who are best equipped to deal with a variety of non-violent crises.”

A Push to “Specialize the Police!”

What is actually being pushed forward can be more accurately described as: specializing the police

Specializing the police and re-allocating funding seems to be the end objective of what the activists in charge are aiming for. And certainly this makes more sense than what protesters appear to be demanding.

Not that protestors are actually informed about what they are saying anyway…. (unpopular opinion, but you’ll be ok ;)).

Many People Agree, Police Specialization is Good

In fact, police specialization is a point that most people would actually agree on!!!

Increasing police funding and specializing police units with better training simply makes sense.

As Baron Christopher Hanson a GOP strategist and owner of Red Baron Consulting explains:

“The more rational solution is to actually over-fund the police, hire more expert military and special forces operators with graduate degrees to serve at all levels of police work –– male and female.”

The problem is that street-level police are not always qualified. If American police forces consisted of legal and policy experts with far higher levels of international warfare and intelligence experience than “local-yocal podunk” cops with merely a high school education, our world would be a far more rational and safer place for everyone.”

A Case of Dishonest Branding

So, if most people would agree with the concept of specializing the police.

Why the deceptive slogan?

Honestly, I don’t understand why the organizers that care pushing this, made this the calling point.

But the deceptive slogan makes me wonder…

…why the Lie?

Whenever I see a lie, my first question is:

“What is being hidden?”

Could “Covid Police” be in the Works?

One of the specialties that law-enforcement officers are currently ill-equipped to handle is enforcing Covid-19 laws.

This point was raised by an article in Crime America. Which talked about the many specialized services that may be considered under the initiatives being pushed forward.

And you better bet this one caught my attention!

When our current police departments were faced with the overwhelming task of enforcing coronavirus laws, they simply didn’t have the tools and training necessary.

So, one of the possible reasons this police reformation is being pushed nationwide so quickly. Is to create a law enforcement branch by flu season…

…specifically designed for enforcing Covid-19 or pandemic related regulations.

This would obviously cause outrage in much of the public.

Is this the reason for the deception? It’s possible. But still too early to tell.

The Defund the Police Movement May Mean Less Traffic Stops

Yet, on the brighter side, (at least in my perspective) one of the programs being pushed, may be less traffic stops!

Personally, I have always felt things like registration and drivers licenses were a step too far.

Additionally, the right to travel/freedom of movement should be equal to freedom of speech and religion. Whether they are in the constitution or not.

When can police search your vehicle

Another one of the other interesting points the Crime America article raised, was that there would likely be much less enforcement of traffic infractions.

This sentiment is actually resounded by law enforcement too!

As Ray Dietrich Founder of America’s Keepers says:

“Defunding many of the traffic enforcement programs … eliminates MANY negative feeling contacts with law enforcement, with people who may not have any other contact at all.  People feel like it is a revenue engine for the government, and well, it might just be.” 

“I would not propose ending all traffic enforcement, it is a public safety issue, but I would suggest passing the enforcement actions to patrol officers and stopping units such as motorcycle enforcement. This would keep the traffic contacts to those who probably deserved it most, and change the public sentiment about police.”

Deciphering the True Meaning Behind the Call to Defund the Police…

In order to see what is really happening...

We must first recognize the deception and align our perspectives!

In Short: The protestors, and the general public are both being played off of one another. While a group of activists is pushing through laws and regulations that will change policing as we know it!

And for some reason, these organizers don’t want you to see what they are pushing forward….

Once we recognize this lie, and see what is actually being pushed forward.

We can begin to have an honest talk about the matter on a level playing field!

For example, here are a few practical solutions to improve policing.

What are your thoughts on the call to defund the police?

What do you think about the call to reform policing after reading this article?

Let us know below. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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