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Shockingly Fresh Footage Shows John McAfee is Alive: Former McAfee Bodyguard Confirms

A fresh video of John McAfee has taken the internet by storm, and according to his former bodyguard Jimmy Watson, this video suggests McAfee escaped prison and is STILL ALIVE.

McAfee allegedly hung himself while in a Spanish prison, and awaiting extradition to America for money laundering and fraud charges.

In the video we see McAfee in a room with walls covered in foil and a metal floor, which McAfee refers to as a “Faraday cage”. Interestingly McAfee refers to himself as an “escaped slave” several times, and further suggests that we are all slaves.

Jimmy Watson, who was at one point McAfee’s bodyguard and business partner has always thought that John McAfee is still alive. I interviewed Jimmy in September of 2021, and he told me he believed McAfee was still alive. An opinion he has not changed to this day. And according to Jimmy Watson the video was indeed taken before or after he had known McAfee.

Why would McAfee have ever made this video if he did not in fact escape from the Spanish prison?

The only logical reasoning I can come to that this footage is not real is that it could be AI. But the video appears to be too genuine and there have been several close to McAfee that have suggested he is still alive. Even McAfee’s ex girlfriend stated he is alive and in Texas in a recent Netflix documentary.

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