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San Fransisco’s Vaccine Passport Goes into Effect {Here Are the Exemptions}

SAN FRANSISCO, CA -Friday AUGUST 20th, 2021: Following in the foot steps of NYC, San Fransisco is the second city to have it’s vaccine mandates go into effect today.

Unlike the “Key to NYC” which only requires proof of one vaccination. San Francisco’s passport will require proof of full vaccination. The mandate was announced by the mayors website on August 12th.

The order No. C19-07y Safer Return Together, passed under the Department of Public Health.

Businesses that will require proof of full vaccination:

Exemptions to San Fransisco’s Vaccine Passport:

According to the order, under section 6 D. Individuals may be exempt from the vaccine requirements if the individual is:

  1. Declining vaccination based on Religious Beliefs. or
  2. Or is excused from receiving any COVID-19 vaccine due to Qualifying Medical Reasons.

Here is the sample declination form provided by the city. Other exemptions are mentioned in the order.

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