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Los Angeles County Announces Vaccine Passport Following Failed Recall Election

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- September 16th, 2021– Following the recall election, LA County announced it will be implementing vaccine passports for bars and breweries starting in October. During a county meeting, the council announced they would be releasing more information latter in the week. The order will apply to workers and customers of the establishments.

The targeted venues already require identification to enter the establishment. Additionally, the county will provide tools and training to help implement the vaccine.

Last month Los Angeles city council voted to enact a vaccine passport. The passport will be the strictest in the nation. Requiring that customers and employees of; restaurants, bars, grocery stores and other establishments be vaccinated to enter.

While the city vaccine passport still has not been finalized, it would go a step beyond what New York City has coined the “key to NYC“, in requiring proof of vaccination in grocery stores. So far vaccine passports have only been implemented at a citywide level.

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