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Judge Overturns NY’s “Gun-free Zones” Calling them Unconstitutional

In an order signed on the 6th of October a New York judge has granted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the governor of NY and other agents of the state to bar them from enforcing any acts under the Concealed Carry Improvement Act, 2022. Six plaintiffs sought relief through the courts over the act the passed in July of NY, which prohibited possession of firearms in certain locations deemed as “sensitive”.

Concealed Carry Improvement Act

The Concealed Carry Improvement Act prohibited concealed carry in certain “gun free zones” such as Times Square, museums, libraries and other places deemed as “sensitive”. And was passed only weeks after the Supreme Court overturned a 108 year old gun law in NY, which made it more difficult for individuals to get a concealed carry permit in NY. Likely as a response to the Supreme Court ruling.

US District Court Judge Glenn T. Suddaby of the Northern District of NY signed the order on the 6th of November. Giving 3 days to the defense to seek emergency relief in his 53-page opinion. This action has essentially overturned the law fro the entire state, not just the plaintiffs. Unless the Defendants are granted relief.

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