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Judge “Overturns” Federal Judges Order to Block Vaccine Mandates in NYC

NEW YORK CITY, NY- September 22nd, 2021– A judge of the Supreme Court of NY signed an order. Which may overturn a previous restraining order issued by a federal judge. On September 14th, a federal judge signed a restraining order . Which barred NY state from issuing it’s vaccine mandate against health care workers. But only as far as it interfered with their religious beliefs.

The order gave the state until the 22nd of September to refute the order. In response, the City of New York Petitioned for a new order. Which was signed today by a judge of the NY Supreme Court. The new order claims to vacate the order signed by the federal judge.

Essentially, this new order yet again strips healthcare workers, of their rights to religious exemption.

One of the main arguments for allowing the order was that respondents would not face “irreparable” harm. As they could be given back their jobs or seek monetary compensation should they be injured by lose of employment.


“The Court notes that Petitioners are similarly unlikely to be able to establish an irreparable harm as the loss of employment is compensable by money damages and reinstatement to said employment…”

However, it is unclear whether this order actually vacates the previous order. Considering that this order is from a state court. Claiming to overturn an order issued by a federal court.

This legal battle stems from New York’s Department of Health decisions to bar religious exemptions.

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