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How Laws are Made Infographic

How bills become law in the US federal government.

The United States government functions under the US Constitution. Much like the Constitutions of each f the 50 states, the US Constitution laws out how laws are to be passed by the federal government. This infographic shows how laws are introduced and passed in the US. Lets take a look!

How are laws introduced in the US?

Laws are introduced by one of 4 groups; a representative, a state legislature, The People, or the executive branch of the US government. These laws are proposed in the form of a bill.

How do bills get introduced as law?

Legislation is introduced by a; concurrent resolution, a simple resolution,or a joint resolution. Whatver the case, this resolution will move forward into a committee assignment.

What does a committee do to pass a law?

The committee will hold meetings, public hearings, and mark up the bill. Finally the committee will do a final reading and vote on the bill, and report on how the bill will change existing law.

The bill will then be debated on, amended and voted on through a variety of processes laid out in this infographic.

What is the final step for a bill to become law under the federal government?

The president must sign the bill, or it will be voted on in congress. If a bill is not signed by the president, and congress has adjourned. This is called a pocket veto. If the president does not sign, congress can pass the bill with a 2/3rd majority vote.

Can the Senate Pass a bill on its own?

Now, a bill introduced in the Senate must be voted on in the House of Representatives first.

What is a filibuster?

A filibuster is when a senior group of senators hold a series of speeches that are so lengthy that they hope to post pone the bill so long that it will simply be voted against.

Passing a law under the federal government is fairly straightforward. Yet around every corner are challenges that can make or breaks bill. For more info on how laws are passed visit Thomas.Loc.Gov.

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