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Ground Your Positive Energy With These Grounding Techniques

Ground Your Positive Energy,

With These Grounding Techniques

Grounding, AKA earthing, has long been a popular natural way to improve health.

You have likely heard about the importance of grounding, and connecting to the earth.

And perhaps you have even heard of the healing aspects of grounding, which arise from reconnecting with the Earth.

Whatever the case, grounding works in literally the same manner as grounding your car battery. By grounding your positive energy, the same way a car battery does to the frame of your car.

Here’s the thing, like a car battery if your energy is not grounded, all of the positive energy in the world won’t start your “engines”, aka your ideas won’t come to life.

So, how exactly does earthing work on the human body?

And what grounding techniques can you implement to reconnect with the Earth?

Let’s find out….


Why is Grounding so Important?

Every single naturally occurring, living being produces and converts energy. This energy, to varying degrees is collected by the Earth. The surface of the Earth is essentially a giant energy conductor, and that isn’t speculation. This conductor is constantly sending, receiving, and distributing all energy across the world, and in turn to its inhabitants. This vast supply of electrons is only effective through “direct physical contact” with the surface of the Earth.

Think about it, without a ground to the Earth, your home would have no power.

For almost all of man’s existence, mankind has been largely aligned with these energies. Your ancestors worked in partnership with the earth, even if this action was only subconsciously.

Here’s the deal, our ancient ancestors walked barefoot on the land, and spent most of their time outdoors. This all helped their bodies remain in tune with the Earth. However the modern industrialized lifestyle of the “modern man”, changed all of that. And this has left us largely disconnected us from nature.

As if simply being disconnected from the Earth was not enough, everyday single day our bodies are bombarded by artificial signals and waves, from a very wide range of sources. Whether those waves are caused by WiFi, cell phones, radio, electric wires, or other sources, all electromagnetic (EMF) waves can affect our health in many ways we rarely consider.

Our brain maintains itself through its own electronic waves, and the constant bombardment of EMF waves, can disrupt our brains functions. As if that weren’t enough, these waves cause other disturbances as well. But more on that later.

These are the two key ways in which grounding works:

  1. The Earth is a giant reservoir of negatively charged ions. With no connection to the Earth, the multitude of cells in our body are unable to find balance with the positive ions we produce. Our positively charged ions are caused by electron-deficient free radicals. This positive energies effects can be seen in blood and the way that blood clumps together when too much positive energy is present. More on that here.
  2. Our modern lives expose us to a very wide range of EMF waves be they from cell phones, computers, cell towers, WiFi, electric wires, or others. EMF frequencies change the way our energy (positive and negative) balances in our body. This imbalance, can interfere with how your body orchestrates the 1000’s of daily functions your body has to perform. This EMF radiation bombards our bodies with artificial charge. This disrupts several of the trillions of subtle electrical communications our body uses to heal itself, and operate properly.

All of us have had the experience of being grounded before. Grounding allows for a feeling of being at home. However, these experiences are very fleeting to say the least.
Today we wear shoes, walk on paved ground, and our feet so rarely touch the Earth, a lot of people have not had their feet on bare earth or grass in years. Could this be what Jim Morrison was singing about in Not to Touch the Earth?

We use cars to hop from one place to the next, and so very rarely do we ever get chances to experience nature in a way that is truly grounding. It seems that each step we take, is one step further from the Earth, and the wisdom of our ancestors.

Grounding can have many profound effects, particularly on our thoughts and emotions. Earthing can strengthen instincts, balance your energy, clear your mind, calm your emotions, and more. This is why we should use grounding techniques, in order to tune in with the Earth on a regular basis.

This is crazy, Check out this study called “The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases” the researchers themselves seems not to expect the results.


The guy in this photo didn’t believe me, so I sent him a few more here, from “Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons”

However, emerging scientific research has revealed a surprisingly positive and overlooked environmental factor on health: direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the Earth. Modern lifestyle separates humans from such contact. The research suggests that this disconnect may be a major contributor to physiological dysfunction and unwellness.

Now you know how that guy feels, no wonder he took his shoes off. Check out how content he is! ^^^^

And that was before I sent him this list of studies.

Signs of Being Ungrounded

If you feel like you can’t collect your thoughts, or perhaps your thoughts are airy you may be ungrounded. Don’t worry most people are, and as little as 30 minutes of grounding could really start to turn things around.

There are many other signs that can let you know that you may be ungrounded. If you space out often or get easily distracted, perhaps you overthink, or experience constant worry. Some other signs also include being easily deceived, overly possessive or materialistic, or are obsessed with your image.

It gets worse too, there are also several physical signs of being ungrounded. Included among these are; chronic pain, poor sleep patterns, fatigue, inflammation and poor circulation. These symptoms could also arise from other causes as well, but in many cases it can be due to being ungrounded.

Grounding are not recommended for replacing any medical treatments that you may be taking, without consulting your physician. But I can not go without saying that using these grounding techniques may alleviate these symptoms, and perhaps work in a holistic approach.

7 Easy Grounding Techniques That anyone Can Use.

Regardless of your medical condition, there is a form of grounding that can work for you.

Grounding is a similar form of healing to meditation. All forms of grounding involve quite simply spending more time in nature, walking outdoors, and just all around envisioning your connection to Earth. Having said that the goals of grounding are still slightly more focused than meditation. And you can always learn more here.

1. Time in nature

Simply spending time in outdoors is one of the best, and easiest grounding techniques there is. This technique can literally be done almost anywhere, and requires no skills or practice. All you must do is go to your favorite wooded area or trail, and go for a stroll or sit by a tree. There really is no more to it, spending time in nature is a very simple, effective means to ground oneself.

2. Try some tech

They make a technology for just about everything, grounding is not any different. There is technology for earthing in your bedroom, even your automobile. There are earthing mats, which you can just plug in and stand on. These kinds of technologies would best serve those that live in cold where it is just too dang cold to go outdoors for long, or those that can’t go out doors for other reasons. I have seen videos of people that ground while laying down on bare ground in the steep north, the midst of winter, but I would think that is not for everyone.

3. Hug a tree

No doubt about it, hugging trees is a great way to get in tune with the Earth. There are actually several ways to ground yourself using trees. Sitting down while your back is against a tree and practicing meditation is a great alternative for those too embarrassed to be seen hugging a tree. You can hug the tree with your shoulders instead, don’t worry he won’t tell anyone.

Trees are actually professional “grounders”. It’s quite literally what they do for a living. Spending all of their lives going deeper and deeper still into the Earth. They not only pull energy from the sun, and store it under the soil, they also pull nutrients from beneath the soil, to the Earth’s surface. Best of all, their energy exchange is not lost on those that opt to be in their presence. Trees are literally one of the most, if not the most powerful grounding tools that we can use to ground ourselves. They can exchange your energy, and replace it til your energy is balanced.

4. Walk barefoot

One of the most ancient of the grounding techniques. When being barefoot is possible, and safe, walk barefoot. You can even just put your feet on the bare earth, while you sit and enjoy the outdoors. And while you are at that you could even dig a hole and bury your feet a little bit beneath the soil. This literally puts you in direct physical contact with the Earth, and this can really have a profound impact on how grounded you are.

5. Meditation

Meditation is generally a great grounding technique. Whether it is transcendental meditation, visual meditation, outdoor yoga, taking the time to meditate indoors or out is an excellent way to ground your body to the Earth’s energy. Outdoor meditation is likely the most effective. With trees and natural sounds, to aid you, grounding may be achieved much faster.

There are many meditations which can help you to ground yourself. One of them is bound to work for your needs. There are too many ways to meditate to possibly cover them all here, but if you are interested in learning more about meditation it is definitely worth looking into.

6. Reading by a Tree

I may be cheating on this one being that I already mentioned hugging trees, but here you go anyways.

If the weather is lovely and you are reading your favorite new book, go sit next to your favorite tree and read. This is not only a great grounding technique, but can also be a great excuse to get outdoors more often.

7. Be Thankful for All You Have

In the pursuit of gaining more and more, we often forget all that we already have. Taking a moment to account for all the things you have going for you, and being thankful for them is not only humbling, it is also very grounding. Be thankful for all you have, and you will find that you are much more connected to the Earth, and nature than you ever suspected. When you feel like you have been thankful enough, be more thankful. Regardless of what you do, or do not have know, you are reading, or hearing this now, and that itself is one of many gifts which we are given on a daily basis. Thank you for reading this far :P.




Grounding and Electromagnetic Frequencies

EMF’s creep about unseen, and yet they still impact our bodies all the same. Those with weakened immune systems are more likely to be impacted than others. EMF’s cause a range of issues this is what makes grounding regularly important. When you are solidly grounded to Earth, these EMF’s can not interfere with your body in the same way. The Earth creates grounded electric field, which acts as a shield, and deflects EMF waves. This will allow you to remain almost unaffected by EMF waves. Earthing allows you to avoid EMF frequencies, grounding can be a great way to reduce your risk for EMF related disease, by having the Earth defend you like a shield.



So, What’s The Point?

Exactly like a properly functioning battery, you to must be grounded to the Earth to operate fully. Batteries have both a positive side, and a negative (ground). When only the positive side is operating there is a lot of energy yes, but this energy is unable to express any meaningful function. This is why we must maintain a grounded energy, and this is exactly how grounding organizes your thoughts, and makes your actions more effective.

Remember, to use these grounding techniques often, at least once a week, in order to ground your abundance of positive energy back to the Earth.

Thank you for reading, until next time….


Cover Photo via Pexels.
Middle of the road papers Photo by Dmitry Ratushny
Boat and Mountain Photo by Luca Bravo

Hug a tree Photo by Will Cornfield

Reading by tree https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-book-boring-face-267684/

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