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Coalition of Doctors and Nurses Sues Maine Over Covid Vaccine Mandates

MAINE- SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2021– Several coalitions have filed a lawsuit in Maine to block the states vaccine mandate requirements. Among the coalitions are the Coalition for Healthcare Workers Against Medical Mandates, Maine Stands Up, and Mainers for Health and Parental rights.

The lawsuit seeks a declaratory judgement and injunctive relief for those that may be impacted by the states new mandate. The mandate comes at the same time state legislation that strips religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccines.

The Law of the Case

The Law of the Case Includes, But is Not Limited to:

Relief Sought in Suit

Plaintiff’s are seeking a judgement that declares the new mandate did not follow Main’s Administrative Procedure Act. That the rule places an unconstitutional burden on the rights fo the Plaintiffs to have voluntary, informed consent to medical procedures. And that the Defendants must repeal the act as soon as possible.

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