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Doctors and Nurses File Lawsuit in Federal Court To Stop Employers Vaccine Mandate in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OHIO- SEPTEMBER 7TH, 2021– A new class action lawsuit has been filed by 40 doctors and nurses in Cincinnati over their employers requirements to get vaccinated. The lawsuit lists 23 causes of action. And, accuses the St. Elizabeth Hospital of conspiracy and fraud.

All claimants live in the Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana Tri-state area, are represented by the Deter’s Law. A Kentucky-based firm.

Not only does the lawsuit call for a total opt-out policy for Covid vaccines. It also calls for a discrimination free policy that will not require asymptomatic doctors and nurses to be tested.

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that the Pfizer vaccine was not approved by the FDA as per the normal approval means.

The Law of the Case

In the revised 93 page lawsuit, there are 23 causes of action. SEE ORIGINAL SUIT.

The Law of the Case Includes, But is Not Limited to:

Claims of the Suit

The suite makes a list of claims throughout the text. And it further asserts that the Plaintiffs make a demand for a jury under all claims.

In short, the suit asserts that the Plaintiff’s have been subjected to:

Further, the lawsuit says that the hospital knowingly lied to its employees about the safety of the vaccine.


The Suite includes 166 pages of exhibitions with 15 Exhibits. The Exhibits include hospital policies, emails between hospital employees and the employer, scientific studies relating to the Covid vaccine etc.

Relief Sought in Suit

Primarily, the Plaintiffs’ in the suit are seeking declaratory judgement that the Defendant’s policy infringes upon their constitutionally protected rights. Furthermore the Plaintiff’s seek a judgement in their favor for damages arriving from such deprivation of rights. The suit includes 166 pages of exhibitions.

Further relief is sought including a temporary injunction. This case was filed in federal court, and will likely take a long time to come to a conclusion.

Thank you to Deter’s Law for promptly supplying the case text upon request.

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