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Calls for Police Reform Infographic (8 Can’t Wait)

This infographic released by the Riverside Police Department goes over the 8 calls for police reform. These 8 points were coined after calls for police reform, and calls to defund the police rang out in 2020. This infographic was released by the police department itself. Let’s go over the key points.

What are the 8 changes to policing that are being called for?

The 8 points being called for are;

  1. A ban on chokeholds
  2. Required de-escalation
  3. Warnings before shooting
  4. Exhaust all means before shooting
  5. Establish comprehensive reporting
  6. Establish a use of force continuum
  7. Disallow shooting at moving vehicles
  8. The duty to intervene

Why do they call to ban shooting at moving vehicles?

According to Riverside’s policy, officers should move out of the way of a moving vehicle. And should only discharge their weapon if the officer:

“…reasonably believes there is no other reasonable means available”.

What does a duty to intervene mean?

The duty to intervene means an officer should intercede to prevent the use of unreasonable force. For example, if an officer sees a fellow employee use unreasonable force, he should intervene.

Why are choke holds banned?

Chokeholds and strangleholds are banned for the dangers they pose to a suspect. However, some types of chokeholds, such as a blood choke are a form of police restraint often used; some police departments do not allow them.

How are officers trained to de-escalate situations?

Most police departments require de-escalation training. Some departments like Riverside, require a 4-hour course every 2 years. Hopefully, this training will help officers de-escalate intense situations. With the hopes that more confrontations do not result in the use of force.

These “8 can’t wait” changes to policing are being adopted by departments across the country.

For more information visit the PD’s website. While the debate on how far police reform measures should go continues. One thing is for certain, things can be improved. Hopefully, these policies are a step in the right direction.

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