Heart Attacks, and Air Conditioning

It may seem like an odd thought at first, but have you ever considered what the effects of sitting in the AC all day may be on your heart.

To be honest, I never really had. In fact, I haven’t used an ac in years, but last night I  put one in my office, which is upstairs.

In fact, its the hottest room in the house, and it can be difficult to get work done in a blazing hot office. After sitting in the AC all day for the first time in years, I noticed that I felt a little groggy in the afternoon.

Much more than usual. I assume my blood pressure was high, but I didn’t measure it. Yet, I hadn’t changed anything in my routine. Except sat in the AC all day.

After realizing this I looked into the science. And there is actually a bit of science which shows that colder temperatures, and possibly even air conditioning are likley responsible for higher blood pressure, and even heart attacks.

Study 1: Air temperature is external trigger for heart attack

According to one study which took place over 16 years and evaluated over 280,000 patients. The study found that:

“The average number of heart attacks per day was significantly higher during seasons with colder outdoor temperatures as compared to warmer.” –Source

This wasn’t the only study which found a similar comparison.

Study 2: Temperature Drops Put the Squeeze on Heart Attack Risk

A second study published in the British Medical Journal found that:

“Researchers behind the new work assessed four years of hospital admissions from 15 sites across the U.K. and found that a drop in the mean daily temperature of as little as 1 degree Celsius increased the number of heart attacks for the proceeding four weeks.” – Source

Its not that surprising that this would be the case. Colder weather constricts blood vessels, and raises blood pressure. Additionally, cooler temperatures make the heart work harder to keep the body up to temperature.

So what about air conditioned atmospheres? Common sense says of course it would have the same effect indoors as it does out doors, but what do the studies say?

Study 3: Air-conditioning and health:

Effect on pulse and blood pressure of young healthy Nigerians.

The idea of  the effects of air conditioning on blood pressure are nothing new. A study from 1990 showed that there was a correlation between a higher blood pressure when the AC was on vs. when the people in the study where in a room with no AC. Though the study says they felt these differences were not of clinical significance. Here were the results:

“The mean systolic blood pressure (SBP) was 115.3 +/- 11.5 mmHg under air-conditioner (AC) and 108.5 +/- 10.1 mmHg without air-conditioning.” –Source

What’s the Bottom Line?

There are not currently a lot of studies on air-conditioning direct effects on heart health. On the other hand there are several studies which show that colder outdoor weather raises heart attack risk, as compared to warmer months.

Of course, overexertion, and overheating can have problems of its own too. But, there appears to be less risk of heart disease in warmer weather than cooler. Likely in large part due to constricted blood vessels.

It’s true that it is important to cool down at parts of the day in warmer months, but too much cooling may just be worse for your bodily well being than is commonly thought.

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    It may seem like an odd thought at first, but have you ever considered what the effects of sitting in the AC all day may be on your heart. To be honest, I never really had. In fact, I haven’t used an ac in years, but last night I  put one in my office, which… Read more

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It’s Science, Not Propaganda.

If the scientific community truly respected the scientific method as much as they claim to, they would respect those who have disbelief in ideas, for which, they posses no first hand experience.

It’s very ironic that those who tought science around have no respect for the core principles upon which the scientific community rests.

This is specifically troublesome as much of the scientific community and the main stream media merge into a coalition which is most unscientific. It is truly a conspiracy against those that wish to see the empirical evidence upon which the claims of the scientific community stands. A conspiracy who shields their malpractices under the supposed authority of their privileged position.

As laid out previously, the scientific community should rely on using the scientific methods by which they make their discoveries with to explain their findings to the public, rather than using governmental authority and the media to force their findings on the public.

Today, I am diving deeper into this argument and looking at a few specific cases in which this type of pseudo-science is occurring. And furthermore putting forth the argument that the scientific community is forming or has formed a conspiracy, built on pseudo-scientific ideologies. Not only in order to censor dissenting scientific opinions, but also to form governments and governmental organizations, some global some localized.

Perhaps it is a side effect of the collapse of traditional information dissemination methods which were undermined by the internet. Whatever the case the scientific community no longer relies on sharing valid science, or demonstrations of scientific proof. Instead they claim sciences to be “settled”. But settled science is a mis-nomer, science is never settled.

Scientific censorship begins in the ways in which the studies are conducted, and how funding is received. With funding only being granted to approved research topics, and the shaming of scientists that go against the norm. However, that is a different topic entirely, and for the sake of time I will leave it at that.

My main concern is the “urgency” with which main stream scientific opinions are forced into the broader public. Rather than taking the time tested approaches of education and battling in the free market of ideas, modern scientific opinions co-opt the mainstream media, and even the government, to ensure their “science” is accepted.

How so?

There are two methods I will cover in this writing by which the scientific community and the political sector have compacted a conspiracy to control discussion and therefore “progress”.

One can be seen with the way in which social media giants are treating vaccine information. Rather than proving safety of vaccines through empirical science, or even pointing to research, they simply use political power, and public shaming to censor vaccine information.

First by pretending that all opinions which even moderately question vaccine safety are “misinformation” or fake news. Second by publically shaming social media networks and their users. Networks like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook have begun throttling results which yield approved information, or out right banning opposition. When they can’t win in the free market, they just change the rules.

A second method, and perhaps much more dangerous, can be seen in the climate change discussion. Most obviously we can look at how some are attempting to create a global government through using political power to establish a global carbon tax.

One attempt at this global carbon tax was the Paris Climate Agreement. This agreement not only required the US to cut emissions, but also to pay a massive tax to a global coalition. This one sided deal gave other nations like China and India a decades head start, and punished the US. Regardless of how one-sided the deal was, it was brought forth in response to the pseudo-scientific idea of the “settled science” of climate change.

Cui Bonon? Who benefits from this global tax?

Funny you should ask, for any government to exist it needs money. Tor the European Union it was a Value Added Tax on all goods traded between EU nations. Some seeking extreme political power, are attempting to use a global tax on carbon emissions to form a new global government. All under the veil of “doing the right thing” while imposing us with a global government based on the misuse of science.

Regardless of the cause of climate change, simply put Science must remain scientific. Valuing empirical evidence over power and prestige. More importantly understanding the public’s desire to see proof of science through 1st hand experience and not at the point of a gun.

When force is used force is returned. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. And this entire proposal is the beginning of actions brought forth by the rise of pseudoscience.

If you want to convenience people about a scientific theory or idea, use the scientific method.

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The History of the Letter J

While searching through an old dictionary from 1778 I found a peculiar thing.

There is not distinct “J” section, for words beginning in J.

In fact there are very few words which begin with J that appear in the dictionary. So few were the J words that they are mixed in with the section for “I” words.

That ‘s right I’s and J’s were in the same section.

But Why?

The History of the Letter J

The reason that there is no distinct I and J section in the dictionary from 1778 is due to the fact that the letter J was, and still is a relatively new letter.

I’s and J’s were used interchangeably until 1524, when the “Father of the letter J“. Gian Giorgio Trissino, made the distinction between the the sounds the two letters made.

Trissino made the distinction from the Greek word “Iesus”, a translation of the Hebrew word “Yeshua”. He “found” that the proper spelling should be Jesus, as we now hear it in modern English. Jesus, as it is now pronounced was the phoneme which we now pass the J sound we have today.

Since that time the letter J has grown in usage, and now there are 1000’s of words which begin with the new letter.

Even 150 years after the letter J was “discovered” words which began with J still had not earned its own position in dictionaries.

Is Jesus Really the True Name for the Savior?

The short answer is NO.

Despite the current popularity of the letter J and in particular the name Jesus, the poplar J as in Jam sound did not exist in either Greek, Latin or Hebrew.

Additionally, Greek and Latin languages lacked the “Y” sound, so the replaced it with I. The name became further diluted when translated into English when the letter was replaced with the J.

This occurred in large part because Greek and Latin relied on 4th century translations of the sacred texts, and Hebrew at the time was nearly a forgotten language. Because, of this they did not have access to the Y sound created by the Hebrew letter Yod/Yud.

In Hebrew however, the name of the savior is more properly pronounced “Yeshua” or “Yahusha”. A translation lost in the King James Version of the Bible, which popularized the modern name.