How To Cure The Disease of the Failing Medical Industry.

You may have noticed at some point in your life that the medical industry isn’t quite working.

Modern medication is not only loaded with side effects, its expensive, and rarely prevents illness.

In fact, it straight up sucks.

If it were working, why have the rates of cancer, diabetes and heart disease continued to get worse over the last century?

Believe it or not there are some simple answers to why modern medicine is failing.

Of course, on one hand, mainstream medicine may be necessary under very specific circumstances such as car crashes, and major health emergencies.

However, on the other modern medical practices for diseases are neither affordable or low risk.

Modern medicine sucks. This is why…


The History of Modern Medicine

To first understand why modern medicine is so wretched we must look at the roots and see what created the current state of medicine.

The Division in Medial Practices

Before modern medicine, there was a great divide in the medical community.

1833 French cartoon heroic medicine bloodletting and purging
This 1833 French cartoon is a satire of “heroic medicine” which used cures like bloodletting and purging

One side, the allopaths, believed in aggressive treatments to drive disease from the body. This “heroic medicine” would treat disease with methods based on scientific theories. This led to the practices of bloodletting, doses of toxic agents like mercury, surgery, and overall aggressive tactics, all based on theory.

On the other side were the naturopaths who believed in less aggressive treatments and used empirical evidence when treating disease. They used time tested methods. For example, utilizing plants and nutrition to improve health and rid the body of disease. There methods bolstered the bodies own defenses, so it could heal itself.

The allopaths and the naturopaths both shared the medical fields nearly 50/50. The allopaths using innovative methods to treat disease, and the naturopaths using traditional medicines from both the Native Americans, European and other traditions.

A War Was Waged

The battle between the medical sects fell into popular culture, such as this cartoon from the 1830’s

This divide existed until 1910, when financial interests got involved. Of course both fields of medicine were profitable in their own right, but much more money could be made from allopathic methods. With the discovery of petrochemicals, and the invention of the first plastic in 1907, speculation grew that drugs could be derived from oil.

Who should enter the scene other than John D. Rockefeller. Who, seeing a great financial opportunity, acted quickly. Rockefeller went to Andrew Carnegie, who then sent out Abraham Flexner. Flexner went across the nation studying medical schools and published Medical Education in the United states and Canada. More popularly called the Flexner Report, 1910.

The Result of the Report

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 9.15.11 PM

This extensive report of over 300 pages showed that there was a “need” to standardize the medical education system. This led to a revolution in the way medicine was taught and practiced.

Here’s the deal, as a result of this report, naturopathic medicine was mocked, demonized, and coined as “quackery”. Many doctors lost their jobs, schools, and hospitals were closed down nationwide. Schools were told to drop all naturopathic courses, or loss their accreditation and underwriting support. Though a few resisted, all eventually conformed to these standards, or closed their doors.

It gets worse. In case you still think Flexner, Carnegie, or Rockefeller the good guys in this story you should know this. After the report recommendation, all but two African-American medical schools were closed, with Flexner stating “The practice of the the Negro doctor will be limited to his own race”. As a result “black” students had very little chance of getting into medical school for the next 50 years.

The “generous” John D. Rockefeller then “donated” $180 million dollars to colleges and hospitals, so that they could come into compliance with the report. He also formed the General Education Board, which would oversee the education practices at schools which received donations.

Low and behold the new medical practices focused on medicines which could be patented. Scientists were paid to study the plants used by the naturopaths, and create synthetic chemical compounds that were similar to the ones found in plants. In this manner all medicine could be patented. All the while making is illegal for doctors to treat patients with the actual compounds the drugs are derived from.

The Current State of Medicine

The current state of modern medicine is largely a result of the actions of Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller. The “great philanthropists” that saw an opportunity to make money and seize power, and took action.


Worse still, pharmaceutical companies still maintain their hold, by all but bribing doctors to sell their drugs. Using dinners, drinks and special rewards, for the doctors time, further instilling their grip on the medical community. The doctors with little to no knowledge of the effects of diets, vitamins and supplements, are all too quick to prescribe a drug, and run too the next patient, with the little time they have.

The American Medical Association, a lobbying firm, continues to keep natural practices out of the mainstream. What they can’t accomplish, the FDA can. With established regulatory standards that no natural remedy can pass due to the insurmountable costs, largley due to the fact that no one investor could recoup the costs involved by having a non-patent-able herb pass FDA scrutiny.

Furthermore, the busted system is maintained by all of those that refuse to make a change. By all of those that remain ignorant to what has happened in the medical field. People afraid of illness, who simply go along with what everyone else is doing, rather than take the time to learn for themselves.

As a result the medical industry remains lousy for anything other than making money. By keeping you sick, and lobbying for obligatory health insurance to further shield themselves from the public, medical companies have a bright financial future ahead.

Treat the Disease, Not the Symptoms

This popular, and logical sentiment only partially explains what is just so wrong about the modern medical field. Yes, much of what modern medicine does is to treat the symptoms of disease rather than find the cure to the disease itself. But the cure for the “disease of modern medicine”, is deeper still.


What is the Cure for the Disease of Modern Medicine?

The disease of modern medicine thrives on public ignorance, which arises largely from the fear of illness and death. Though corruption and greed are responsible for the manifestation of modern medicine’s “disease”, it can not thrive with a public that is aware and unwilling to participate. The best cure to the disease of modern medicine is to educate yourself, and realize your vital role for your own health.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson:

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

Though the government has already accomplished this task through the actions of two of the best monopolists that have ever existed, you can make your own decisions, and heal yourself.

No doubt about it, disease and illness can be scary, but we are a part of nature, and when we go back to nature we find all of the tools we need to heal ourselves and prevent illness before it begins. Almost all of the pharmaceutical drugs on the market are in fact made to mimic compounds like those found in the plant medicines of the naturopaths WHICH HAVE BEEN BANNED. Taking these compounds from their original source, rather than the synthetic version, is not only cheaper, it almost always causes less side effects.

dsc07884.jpgWhat’s the Bottom Line?

Through fear and public ignorance, our medical system has been hijacked by corporate interests, which has used the federal government to continue keeping natural treatments out of the mainstream. The result is rising rates of cancer and all diseases in general.

In fact, the only thing rising faster than the rates of disease, are the rates for healthcare costs. The bottom line is that the health care system is busted, and federal health insurance is only making things worse. If we the people, as a whole take back the reigns for ourselves, the modern form of mainstream medicine will be forced to change.

Educate yourself, eat right, stay active, enjoy life, and follow nature’s path.

The First FDA Approved Genetic Therapy Now Available, What you Need to Know.

I wrote Gene Therapy Delivered to the Brain, through the Eye right as it appeared that Luxturna was going to be approved by the FDA, back in October of 2017. Funny thing was, I had never heard of Luxturna. I was looking into a study regarding a totally different genetic therapy which was being practiced on mice.

In the mouse study  “Eye drops deliver gene therapy for brain disorders,” genetic therapy, effectively delivered genetic material directly to mice brains through their eye balls. Needless to say that creeped me out a bit, so I did a search on genetic therapy, and found Luxturna.

pexels-photo-207585.jpegHere’s the thing, Luxterna is now, the first FDA approved gene therapy. As of March 22nd, 2018, it has just hit the marketStranger still, its for your eyes. Wild right? Though Luxturna is intended to only change DNA in the eyeball itself, much like the genetic modification of crops. Luxturna uses a virus to deliver genetic material to the hosts DNA, which can be risky to say the least.

I just happened to begin researching this topic again on the same day Luxterna actually became available for sale. No surprise to me, all of the media is positive, and perhaps it should be. This therapy however, is not a time tested treatment. It literally involves sticking a needle deep into the human eye, to deliver a virus carrying genetic material, in order to alter the DNA of the recipient. This is a whole new level of risk.


If the mice studies have anything to tell us, it is that the eyes “at least in mice” are a direct pathway to the brain. This is something that people really need to consider laying down a whooping $425,000 per eye to get this treatment.

Furthermore, there are obvious risks to injecting viruses in to the eyes that can extend beyond the eyes themselves. It could possibly lead to cancers, or other cell dysfunctions. Being that you can’t get much closer to the brain than the eyeballs, these are certainly things to consider.

So what might the consequences of Luxturna be? Well according to Luxturna’s own information here are some of the risks:

  1. Changes in the retina that can lead to vision loss
  2. Eye infections
  3. Permanent decline in vision
  4. Formation of cataracts (which affected 20%)
  5. Swelling
  6. Air bubble in eye
  7. Pain
  8. Pressure
  9. Swelling

In fact, 66% of patients experienced adverse reactions during trial treatments. This means more participants experienced side effects than did not. For a full list of warnings, precautions and risks, visit this site.

pexels-photo-464344.jpegSo before you go looking for rainbows, look for yourself, do some research, and weight your options. Besides being a treatment, so expensive that insurance companies themselves have to set up a payment plan to afford it, it is an overall risky treatment. There are a lot of kinks to work out all without mentioning the moral implications of gene therapy, and DNA alteration in general.

Here’s the deal, it is highly unlikely that anyone reading this will be getting, or know anyone getting the treatment. But, none the less you should remain aware and informed as gene therapy become a normalized medical practice.

All the Best,