Many people often wonder how to prepare chaga mushroom, but almost everyone is preparing it in a way that destroys a crucial healing compound! Though there are many potential ways to prepare chaga, only one method for preparing chaga allows you to get ALL of the healing compounds held within this powerful medicinal mushroom.

Chaga mushroom has been a health craze for the last few years, but unfortunately due to improper preparation most people aren’t getting its full healing potential. The hot water extract may be more effective at removing some of the healing benefits of the mushroom, but…. Here’s the thing, the standard hot water preparation destroys one of the main healing components that chaga provides, and should never be used to prepare chaga, at least not before using the proper preparation method, more on that later.

So Why is the Cold Water Extraction Method Better?

Perhaps the most recognized active component of Chaga, is an enzyme known as Superoxide Dismutas (SOD) a powerful antioxidant, which is found in chaga at levels not found anywhere else in nature.

So whats the big deal?

ALL enzymes are denatured, essentially destroyed by heat. Therefore doing a hot water extraction of chaga destroys perhaps its most beneficial compound. Its that simple, why would you prepare a medicinal mushroom in a way that destroys one of its key compounds? 

Extracts of SOD are sold as an extract for TOP DOLLAR, why would you use a process that would destroy a key compound.

The Benefits of SOD lost, from Boiling Chaga

    • According to University Health News, SOD is “arguably the bodies most crucial antioxidant”
    • SOD, can destroy the most highly reactive free radicals known to exist called, superoxide radicals.
    • Superoxide radicals are one of the most abundant reactive oxygen species (ROS).  SOD enzymes are a crucial healing tool that catalyzes and breaks down ROS and is essential to maintaining oxide levels.


How to Prepare Chaga, the Right Way.

Preparing chaga the right way is very simple, too simple, like so easy it’s crazy, like why is everyone working so hard to destroy the benefits of a great medicine!!!

What you will need to prepare chaga-

  • Handful of chaga in 1.5-3 inch chunks or smaller.
  • A standard Mason Jar or other glass vessel
  • Water

Take a hand full of chaga for a 1 quart mason jar (more depending on size of jar), place it in the jar. Fill the jar with cool to warm water. As long as its below 118 degrees Fahrenheit you’re in the clear. Wait 24 – 48 hours, or until the water turns dark and you can barely see through to the glass. That’s it!



Repeat until the water no longer turns dark, and then continue on to the standard boiling process, if you wish. On average you can get 2 cool water extracts and then several hot water extracts before discarding the chaga. A little bit really goes a long way.

If the water doesn’t get dark after 24 hours, add a little more. Be sure not to leave the mason jar out for too long without refrigerating.

As a side note, another common mistake people make when preparing chaga is scraping off the dark outer “bark”, this preparation method gets rid of another key component in chaga that is rare in nature. The outer shell of chaga contains the highest concentration of melanin known to exist in nature. Scraping off the outer shell not only gets rid of all that melanin, its time consuming, and totally unnecessary.

I hope this process can benefit your life, and give you more for your chaga buck.


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